Don’t Forget Your Wedge

One of these days Wisconsin will succumb. The Indian Summer will fade and those conversations about the weather will be stricken with a frown instead of a smile. I’d like to refrain from becoming the bearer of bad news, but October is here, and that usually doesn’t leave much room for golf.

Instead of chopping out of the rough, it’s more about chopping wood to stock the fireplace as winter creeps in. If you’re not crazy about the winter (let’s be honest, is anyone?) now is an important time for golfers, believe it or not. In October rests a decision: shut it down for at least five months, or do something about it. I prefer the latter, in any way imaginable.

The most obvious way to continue the golf season—planning a trip—is also the easiest way of making sure the golf season never really ends. It places a blissful cloud over the beginning of fall and the end of winter, knowing that at some point in between, weather won’t really matter. All that will matter is if you brought enough sunscreen.

Travelling is great, but I can think of at least one more companion that makes any excursion to a new place even better: your golf bag. Maybe a few friends will do, too, but I’d be lying if I didn’t consider my pitching wedge to be my best friend a few times each summer.

As much as it may sound like I’m preaching from experience, I’ve never taken a golf trip myself. It’s depressing to think that the furthest I’ve traveled for a round is a few hours by car to Green Lake. Spring Break and Rose Bowl excursions just never left much room for my blue and gold Titleist carry bag. But while my words might seem laced with hypocrisy, they’re instead more so laced with envy.

Throughout my summer of talking with golfers and golf coaches and golf writers and golf everythings, I’ve heard too many glamorous stories of unforgettable golf journeys to not at least own one story myself.

Between Ireland, South Carolina, California, Oregon, etc., the temptation is strong. Finally, I’m gladly giving in.

For work, I’ll set foot in eight different states throughout the month of October and it will be easy to sit contently with all the rapid reward miles earned at 30,000 feet, or the nights spent in the warm sunny regions of the nation. Why be content, though? That’s no fun.

Instead, I’ll be bringing a few friends with me: my golf clubs. The first stop is Arizona. The second is Whistling Straits. The third is North Carolina and the fourth is Florida. There might just be another stop somewhere along the way. Who knows? I’m glad I don’t.

Don’t be content as the Wisconsin winter approaches (more rapidly than we would hope). Or be content. I don’t care. Just remember, five or more months can feel like a very long time. Some friendships can’t wait that long. My clubs and I sure can’t.