Door County Room Tax Revenue Up 1.1 Percent

Door County’s lodging sector is keeping pace with 2010, according to the latest room tax report from the Door County Tourism Zone Commission.

Room tax revenue through October of 2011 is up 1.1 percent over 2010, totaling $3,113,034 for the year to date.

Poor spring weather put a damper on the early season, with May returns showing a 5.4 percent decline in revenue, but lodging rebounded with jumps of 4.1 percent in June, 4.6 percent in July, 0.5 percent in August, and 2.5 percent in September. Initial October returns put collections down 4.5 percent, but that number is likely to change once late collections come in.

The Door County Visitor Bureau gets 66 percent of room tax collections, or $2,018,148 so far this year, for marketing purposes. Municipalities, which get 30 percent of room tax revenues, raked in $917,340 so far this year. The Door County Tourism Zone Commission retains 4 percent of collections for administrative purposes.

Big Numbers


The room tax collected by Gibraltar in 2011 through October, the most of any municipality


Percent, the amount of the total yearly room tax revenue that is collected in the months of July and August (25 and 24 percent, respectively)


Total room nights filled in July (71.57 percent of total rooms available)


Total room nights filled in January (13.3 percent of total rooms available)