Door County Student-Athlete Q&A: Jaden Stevenson


Name: Jaden Stevenson

School/Grade: Sturgeon Bay High School/junior

Sports: High school soccer, FC Wisconsin Nationals




  • B and A Academic Honor Roll



  • Conference Champion (2014)
  • Regional Champion (2014)
  • Sectional Champion (2014)
  • State Qualifier (2014)
  • School record 55 goals in a single season (2014)
  • 2nd Team All-Conference (2014)
  • Conference Champion (2015)
  • Regional Champion (2015)
  • Sectional Champion (2015)
  • State Champion (2015)
  • 1st Team All-Conference (2015)
  • 1st Team All Greater Green Bay Area (2015)
  • Leading goal scorer in school history 114+ (2016)


How did you become involved in soccer?

My interest in the game of soccer all began with my older brother, Reid. Around the age of two or three, he and I would constantly be out in the backyard kicking a ball around. As I grew older, he would start to push me to my limits and never take it easy. He stressed to me that I would only grow as a player from it. The constant exposure to the game from both Reid and my friends gave me something to do year round and ultimately started my dream of playing collegiately and professionally.


Who have been some of your mentors in your life?

The biggest mentors in my life are my parents. They continue to teach me to constantly work my hardest and never give up on my dreams and aspirations. My parents continue to teach me lessons that I will take with me throughout my whole life. Another mentor of mine is my brother, Reid. From a young age, I can remember all the times I was muscled off of the ball, or in some cases, cheaply fouled. All of those moments of losing out to him taught me lessons on how to become a smarter and more competitive player.


What are your current plans after you finish high school?

I plan to attend a Division I college where I can continue my soccer career, as well as focus on my studies.


Describe the most memorable moment in your athletic career?

The most memorable moment in my soccer career would have to be after the Sate Championship game. It was special to see all of our school’s alumni, including my brother, Reid, in attendance. Talking with them after the victory and listening to how excited and proud they were of us…the buzz that was created during and after that game was extremely special, and something I will never forget.

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