Egg Harbor discusses police protection

• The Village of Egg Harbor decided to look into multiple options to improve security in the village after a meeting to discuss police protection Sept. 30.

Village President Nancy Fisher said information the village received about the costs of protection was “sobering.”

“The state passed legislation last session that says no municipality can reduce expenditures for public protection once they’ve been budgeted,” she said. “That makes it really hard for us to try something on a trial basis because we would be locked into that spending.”

The village will investigate suggestions for citizen patrols or coordinating with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s Police Cadet program. About a dozen residents attended the meeting. “The costs of adding protection are considerable, so were going to be very cautious moving forward,” Fisher said.”

• The International Joint Commission, the joint Canadian and U.S. board which oversees the Upper Great Lakes Study Board, has issued a letter to the study board to explore how raising the water levels of Lakes Michigan and Huron would affect interests on the Great Lakes system.

The letter, also addressed to the governments of Canada and the United States, also urged the study board to investigate options for mitigating the effects that climate change has had on Great Lakes water levels. This would not include measures to mitigate the effects of dredging in the St. Clair River.