Egg Harbor Hosts Second Annual Door County Sports & Classic Car Show

“There were some tense moments last year,” admits Egg Harbor Business Association President Jeff Larson, who coordinates the Door County Sports & Classic Car Show.

“I came up with the event and at one point only eight cars were registered to show. I thought, ‘This will be the lamest car show ever,’” he laughs.

But over time a few more cars registered, 25 in all, and on the day of the event 25 more cars showed up. “It ended up being one of the nicest events in Egg Harbor,” says Larson. “A slice out of a Norman Rockwell painting.”

This 1923 Rolls Royce was a crowd favorite. Photo submitted.

This year, 65 cars have pre-registered to appear in the show and many more are likely to appear. “They wait until the last minute to see how the weather will be – these cars are their babies,” laughs Larson.

And though Larson is more a motorcycle man than car connoisseur, he appreciates the art of each vehicle shown, “It’s what we are missing today. So many cars look the same,” he says.

He also enjoys striking up a conversation with the car owners. “Last year we had a couple from England with a 1923 Rolls Royce. They had it shipped to Seattle and were taking a 10-month trip around North America. Listening to their adventures was incredible,” says Larson.

He encourages all attendees to speak with the owners about their cars. “Their stories are so interesting – listening to what they went through to restore the car, who they worked on it with.” He says a variety of car owners show cars – from successful business owners to retirees.

“It’s a good, fun time,” says Larson. “A chance for people to get their fix on their love of cars.”

The Door County Sports & Classic Car Show takes place tomorrow, Aug. 17, throughout Egg Harbor from 10 am – 3 pm. The show is a judged event, with winners to be selected in 12 categories at 2:30 pm. DJs will be set up throughout Egg Harbor providing classic tunes to compliment the event.

Sports cars of every age are eligible to be displayed. Classic cars must be model year 1979 or older. Registration is $15. The registration station will be staffed from 8 – 9:45 am at the Lena parking lot, across from Liberty Square.

For more information call 920.868.3717.