LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Emergency Responders Take Care of Our Communities

My husband and I are recently retired, having moved to Egg Harbor two years ago. We absolutely love living in Door County for many, many reasons. I am writing this letter to put recognition and much gratitude behind one of those reasons.

Last year, my husband and I signed up as volunteers for the Door County Fire Chiefs Coalition, to hopefully help the people of Door County navigate through the horrible health crisis we are currently facing. 

As a volunteer for the non-emergency call center that was in service for most of last year, I had the opportunity to witness first hand the tireless efforts of the Sister Bay Fire Department, specifically Chief Chris Hecht. From the call center, I witnessed Chief Hecht, his family and staff putting many, many, many hours into coordinating, communicating, hosting collections at the fire station and even personally taking calls that had no specific place to go – taking care of this community in a way that should not go unnoticed.

This county is truly a better place because of Chief Chris Hecht and all the Door County fire chiefs who put in countless hours – and still are – helping keep our county as safe as they are able. Thank you for helping make Door County the amazing place it is!

Vicki Louis

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin