Fall Leaves Return to Artzy Studio

Once again as the trees turn to bold fall colors, Cynthia L. Koshalek is designing ceramic leaves to celebrate the season in Door County. This is the third year the leaves will be featured at Artzy Studio.

Each year Koshalek creates a limited edition run of the ceramic leaves that imitate the actual coloring and variation of real leaves. Koshalek creates each one by adding ground up glass pieces to the leaves separately. The glass melts in the kiln firing to create spotted patterns that imitate those in real leaves.

“The addition of the colorful glass to the leaves gives them that extra sparkle that makes them look amazing and yet natural at the same time,” said Koshalek.  

Artzy Studio is located at 10329 Hwy 42, Ephraim. For more information call 608.438.7633 or find Artzy Studio on Facebook.

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