Focus on Energy/SBU Partnership Saved Customers $180,000 in 2015

Thanks to programs made available through Sturgeon Bay Utilities (SBU), local utility customers completed energy efficiency projects in 2015 that will save them approximately $180,000 on electricity costs and 2,022,000 kilowatt-hours annually.

SBU partners with the statewide Focus on Energy program to give customers access to cash-back rewards and other incentives to save energy. SBU General Manager Jim Stawicki recently reported to the City Council on SBU’s annual report of utility incentives and savings from Focus for 2015.

“Energy efficiency and renewable energy investments are the ‘gifts that keep giving’,” said Stawicki. “When our customers take steps to conserve, they not only save on energy costs, but they also help to lessen demands on the local electric system.”

In addition to the Focus on Energy offerings, SBU delivered an additional $28,000 in energy-saving incentive funding for customers through the utility’s Main Street Efficiency Program. The Main Street Program offers small businesses bonus incentives for qualified, energy efficient upgrades. SBU also offers the Shared Savings Program, which loans businesses upfront capital to finance energy efficiency projects.

The various programs available through SBU can also help save energy in municipal facilities, which helps reduce waste, improve the economy, and lower the local tax burden for all citizens. For more information about the energy-saving programs available through SBU, call 920.746.2820.


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