Four More Counties Quarantined

Emerald ash borer has been confirmed in Calumet County, which will now be quarantined along with Kewaunee, Manitowoc and Outagamie counties. EAB has not been found in those counties, but they are surrounded or nearly surrounded by counties where the pest has been confirmed.

“It’s very likely that EAB is also present in those three counties, but it’s difficult to detect low-level infestations, and the new infestation in Calumet County is very close to its border with Outagamie County,” said Brian Kuhn, director of the Bureau of Plant Industry in the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. “The pattern of movement of regulated goods within this part of Wisconsin also points to the wisdom of enacting these precautionary quarantines.”

The quarantines will apply to the entire counties. The State of Wisconsin and the federal government are in consultation with the Oneida Tribe concerning the EAB quarantine within the reservation boundaries. Determination of a quarantine is at the tribe’s discretion and a decision by the Oneida Tribe is expected in the near future.

Quarantines prohibit ash wood products and hardwood firewood from being moved to areas that are not quarantined. Door County was quarantined on June 10 after EAB was identified in Fish Creek.