Future of Pilot Island is Topic of March 1 Meeting

The Washington Island Sportsman’s Club is inviting the public to listen to a meeting that club members will have March 1, 5-7 pm, with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about the future of Pilot Island. To listen to the meeting during that time, call 202.640.1187 and enter passcode 707820928.

Martin Andersen and Hoyt Purinton will be speaking for the Sportsman’s Club from the Washington Island Community Center’s Rutledge Room, and Rip Koken, Martena Koken, Dan Nilsson and Beth Nilsson will be participating from off-site locations.

Others on Washington Island are welcome to listen in from the Rutledge Room, but they won’t be allowed to speak during the meeting.

During the past several months, the Sportsman’s Club has been talking with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about cormorants on Pilot Island causing poor fishing, water pollution, putrid smells and soil contamination. In addition, club members will be discussing Pilot Island as an eyesore to the community and the future of the Pilot Island Lighthouse.

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