Gibraltar Bluff Road Speed Limit Lowered Again

In February, the Town of Gibraltar lowered the speed limit on Gibraltar Bluff Road from 35 to 30 mph. Then during a June 7 board meeting, the town decided to reduce the speed limit a second time, from 30 to 25 mph, with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s approval.

This decision came after multiple residents expressed concerns about drivers going dangerously fast on the road. In recent years, more houses have been built in the neighborhood, so more people have been biking and walking on or near the road.

Several residents expressed a desire to have the speed limit reduced to 25 mph during the town board discussion in February, but Wisconsin state statutes require a speed study to be completed before a speed limit can be reduced by 10 mph or more. 

Gibraltar Police Chief Ryan Roesch has since completed the study using the town’s speed trailer and determined that, given the blind corners and hills that don’t allow drivers to see oncoming traffic, a speed reduction would be prudent.

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