Gibraltar, Sevastopol Add Target-Shooting Teams

The neighboring Door County school boards of Sevastopol and Gibraltar considered combining forces to start one clay-target-shooting team, but both districts had enough interest to start their own teams.

The Gibraltar Area School Board on March 13 approved a team to practice gun safety and compete in sporting clays. Sam Pinkham – the Peninsula Gun Club’s treasurer – offered to coach the Gibraltar team, and the school board approved him as coach. 

In February, Sevastopol’s school board approved Sophia Parr, also from the Peninsula Gun Club in Juddville, as coach of the new Pioneer Clays team.

Gibraltar Superintendent Brett Stousland said the Gibraltar team already has six team members who were ready to practice and compete, along with more interested students who need to complete hunter-safety training.

“It’s nice,” Stousland said. “There are several students who signed up and joined this who, in the past, weren’t involved in many extracurricular or co-curricular activities.”

Brooke Tanck, Sevastopol’s athletic director, said the season will start March 27. Each Monday, teams will shoot 50 clays at their sites and enter scores through the USA Clay Target League. They’ll eventually be placed in conferences.

“We don’t know where we fall yet,” Tanck said. 

Sevastopol’s team already has 15 students, but more may register by March 20 and complete safety courses. Tanck said Sevastopol’s team skews toward younger participants, with students in grades six through 12 on the team.