Help Fund Death’s Door Dance Festival

Death’s Door Dance Festival [DDDF] is requesting donations to ensure its free, yearly dance event can continue into 2024.

The organization’s goal is to collect $20,000 by Jan. 5, 2024. If it reaches this goal, DDDF’s 2024 event will look much the same as previous years. If it only reaches $15,000, DDDF’s return will be smaller, and if it doesn’t reach that benchmark, the yearly event may be canceled. 

DDDF debuted in 2022 and took off the following year, when 400 people gathered for performances and 250 attended classes and other events associated with the festival. Despite the popularity of the event, numerous grants passed DDDF by, leading to the organization’s decision to turn to the public to fundraise.

Donations can be made online at or DDDF’s 501(c)3 donation page,

Mail-in donations can be sent to Studio K Flamenco, 3317 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53207. Checks should be made payable to Studio K Flamenco and “Death’s Door Dance Festival” should be written on the note. Checks must arrive by Jan. 1.

Businesses can receive VIP perks and a spot in DDDF’s marketing campaign in return for sponsorship; email [email protected] to learn more. Businesses may also commit now and send a check later; DDDF will contribute on their behalf before Jan. 5 and hold a place for their donation until spring.

All 501(c)3 contributions, business sponsorships and sponsorship “holds” will be added to the online total by Jan. 5. If DDDF does not meet its fixed-funding goal, all donations will be returned to the donor and all 501(c)3 donations will be returned through PayPal.