Intuition and Instinct

“Elsewhere” by Joseph Lopez

The TAP Lobby Gallery is proud to present the paintings of Joseph Lopez, now on exhibit through July 3 in the lobby of the Third Avenue Playhouse in downtown Sturgeon Bay. The exhibit will be open during performances of the Steel Bridge Songfest and Methuselah’s Guide to Online Dating.

Growing up in Hawaii, Lopez has a natural affinity for color. Studying under the mentorship of Charlie Lyons, he has learned to refine his work and use only the necessary elements. Under that mentorship, he has been included in galleries and shows throughout the country, with collectors worldwide.

Owner of Robbens Nest Farm, Lopez now brings those elements to the design of an outdoor setting.

Lopez says of his work: “My subject matter consists of still-lifes and figures. Music and dance have a great influence on my pieces. I have the need for simplicity and the beauty of fluid movement. My paintings try to express the visual equivalent of a great piece of music or a poem. Every painting is a moment and, at the same time, a part of a larger body that is the piece.

 Every brush stroke, every line, comes from necessity. They know where they need to be on the canvas. Intuition and instinct are what I follow.”

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