Door County Living Early Summer 2023 – Volume 21 Issue 1

In this issue

  • RECIPE: Wrapping Spring Flavors

    Spring rolls in slowly and (sometimes) steadily in northeastern Wisconsin. It starts with a subtle shift of the wind from the north to the south. With that shift, you begin to smell the defrosting forest and hear the songbirds chirping as they make their way home. With the south winds, you may even see diehard […]

  • From $300 to Studio 330

    When Hans Christian left Germany and arrived in America at age 21, he had $300 in his pocket and nowhere to sleep at night. “I literally started with nothing,” he said.“I barely spoke English.”  That was in 1977. Today, Christian owns and operates Studio 330, named for its location at 330 N. 3rd Ave. in […]

  • Home Course: Horseshoe Bay Golf Pro Settles In

    Not many golfers who are trying to earn a berth in one of the PGA tour’s four majors reside in cold, northern states, but Horseshoe Bay head golf professional Jamie Christianson says he’s in a good place. A very good place. “This is back home for me. My wife’s happy. My kids are happy. The […]

  • Taking Art Public: Initiatives bring art to the streetscape

    Woolly the Mammoth sits in solitude in Sturgeon Bay’s Bay View Park – at least until visitors arrive to pose for selfies in front of him. A concrete-and-steel sculpture that’s about 14 feet long and the creation of artist Carl Vanderheyden, he is part of the city’s growing collection of public art. Woolly also marks […]

  • CURIOSITIES: Who’s Fred?

    It’s Jerry’s Flowers, but the sign says, “Fred Says.” So who says it: Jerry or Fred? Jerry Reinhard started the Sister Bay flower shop in 1960 – a time when there wasn’t much other than open fields in “uptown” Sister Bay. For years, he put not just sale information on the sign out front, but […]

  • Horseshoe Island Adventure

    There’s something about islands that calls to us. Even when standing on the thin spit of this peninsula, an island in the distance begs us to come, to explore, to wonder, “What’s out there?”  So it is when you’re standing on the shore of Nicolet Bay, looking out toward Horseshoe Island.  “How far is that? […]

  • Starting from Scratch: How Fika found a home in Fish Creek

    At 2:30 in the morning, Fish Creek is a quiet place. Highway 42 is empty of traffic; the sky above Peninsula State Park is bright with stars; and there’s barely a ripple out on the bay. But on the north side of town, the lights are on in the kitchen of Fika Bakery & Coffeehouse, […]

  • A Family of Flavors: Jamaican Door blends Hatch family’s Jamaican and Door County heritage

    Driving by Roots Inn and Kitchen in Sister Bay, an aroma wafts out from behind the building. “Jamaican Door, 5-8” reads the chalkboard sign out front.  Wandering toward the diffusing smell of jerk chicken, you might expect to find the back door of the kitchen cracked open or one of the county’s many food trucks […]

  • How You Live Long: Sverre Falck-Pedersen

    If you’ve spent some time in Door County, there’s a good chance you’ve crossed paths with Sverre Falck-Pedersen. You might have encountered him in a line of fast-moving cyclists on a town road, heading up the peninsula. You might have spotted him running on the soft forest trails of Peninsula State Park. Or perhaps you […]

  • A Shift in Perspective

    For years, you’re planning your summer days around when you can get to the volleyball courts and which band is playing at the bars that night.  Then your son is born, and soon you’re discovering every hidden playground and diaper-changing station, and the restaurants with the best kids’ menu (or which don’t mind your kid […]