Job Opening: Reporter in Door County, Wisconsin

Make a Difference in Door County, Wisconsin

The Peninsula Pulse, Door County’s largest-circulation newspaper, is seeking enterprising reporters to provide deep coverage of our local communities.

We are looking for excellent writers who know how to dig out news, find interesting feature stories and develop sources within the community. You must be a good communicator who knows how to manage a beat and can juggle multiple content areas, whether local government coverage, education, outdoor recreation, or arts and entertainment. 

Versatility and resourcefulness are key. You’ll know your way around a government meeting, but won’t rely strictly upon meeting coverage, instead digging into the key issues you discover. Similarly, if at your local coffee shop you notice snap-chilled coffee has become a thing, you’ll turn that observation into a story that shows our readers the newest trends in coffee. 

The bluffs at Door Bluff Headlands County Park illuminated by sunset near Gills Rock. Photo by Brett Kosmider.

All of the above means you must have a passion for local newspapers and believe in their responsibility to help develop cohesive communities where all things are possible.

Other attributes that define you: an unwavering commitment to accurate, ethical journalism; a strong team mentality and the ability to collaborate and communicate well with colleagues; and the ability, once pointed in the right direction, to work independently. 

The Peninsula Pulse publishes weekly, but has a daily email and a robust web and social media presence. We are a print-first publication, but our reporters are expected to optimize their content on all platforms and to contribute magazine-length features to our Door County Living magazine.

We are an independently owned newspaper, with a filmworks division and Door County Pulse podcast, upholding democracy and making a difference in one of the most beautiful places in Wisconsin, if not the United States. If you’d like to join us, send a resumé and three writing samples with a cover letter that convinces us we must talk with you today. Send it all to [email protected] or [email protected].

Kayaking at Cave Point.

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