Letter: Big Thanks to Ministry

I’d like to say a very big thank you to all the people who work in the many departments and the Fish Creek branch of Ministry Door County Medical Center.

All of you play a very important part in keeping my family, my neighbors and me alive and well. Your role might not be “front and center” but it is just as important to see clean and pleasant facilities, friendly and knowledgeable secretaries, great PT, OT, home health (Mona), and CNA staffers, a great food service (Wow! It’s real food), kind and helpful volunteers, as it is to have the best nurses (Taylor, Joanna, Terri, Debbie…), and doctors (Anclam, Tomaszewski, Hogan, Arnold…) – those who care directly for us.

During the last three months I have had several occasions to visit the hospital – more visits than in the 48 years I’ve lived in Door County. Each time, whether it was Urgent Care, the ER or scheduled appointments with surgery, I have been met with friendly, competent caregivers – kind, patient and professional. I wish I could remember all yours names but I’m seeing your smiling faces in my memory, and I’m sending you my thanks and my hugs.

Our tourism bureau likes to say that Door County is the “Crown Jewel of Northeast Wisconsin” – if so, then the Ministry Door County Medical Center is the “diamond” in the center of that crown, and all of us living in Door are very fortunate.

Maureen Sandstrom McGrath

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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