Letter to the Editor: What Have We Become?

We were once a proud nation; a nation that countries of the world looked to for leadership and support in times of crisis. We were a country that attracted our grandparents because of the rights, the freedom and opportunities we offered. Without using their race, religion, nationality or other conditions as qualifiers we simply helped the poor people of devastated countries and our own as needed. We have since come to a point where we have enacted tax laws that favor the wealthy and include provisions that will deprive the poor of medical care and at the same time created voting regulations that will make it difficult for those same people to vote for those that would make changes.

We have in office a president who has frightened thousands of people who, have fled the oppression of other countries and have become part of America, into thinking they and their children will be deported. We have a president who in the most vulgar terms describes the poor countries of Haiti and Africa and each day instead of attending to the business of the country the leaders we have elected are preoccupied in arguments created by presidential tweets. Can we sink any lower than having members of our congress spending their time arguing as to whether or not the president used the words house or hole when he referred to Haiti and Africa as depositories for human waste?


George Krall

La Crosse, Wis.

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