Letter to the Editor: Destroying Civilization

How can the people of the world and especially we Americans sit back and watch what is happening? We have two men, neither one of which for different reasons should be in the office they occupy, playing games that could result in destroying civilization. How can the people that we have elected to represent us accept and in many cases defend the craziness that is coming from the White House? The North Korean dictator is saying that Trump’s provocations amount to a declaration of war. We can’t control what the North Korean dictator says but certainly Trump’s aides can get him to quit tweeting and shut up long enough to let things cool down. Without saying it we know we can destroy North Korea without the use of nuclear weapons but before it was over that action would result in the loss of many lives. All it would take is one instance to start both sides shooting at each other. Is it any wonder that we have so many violent demonstrations in this country? The people believe that’s the only way that they can be heard.


George Krall

La Crosse, Wis.

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