Letter to the Editor: Draft Mark Cuban

Is Door County the perfect place to start the process of bringing sanity to the political process?

I think that it is, and I think that a “draft Mark Cuban” effort is a place to start.

Mark Cuban declares himself an Independent. I would support him if he ran as an Independent, a Democrat, or as a primary challenger to Trump within the Republican Party.

He could well win if he were to run. He has a tremendous string of business successes without the history of bankruptcy that blemish Trump’s record. He is self-made, he did not inherit his dad’s real estate empire. He has a reported net worth of $2.8 billion which may stand up to audit. He almost certainly pays his fair share of taxes. He owns a NBA franchise which would likely appeal to a host of potential voters. He is a TV personality and stars on Shark Tank, so he has some name recognition. He is Jewish. He has a strong personality and could almost certainly stand toe to toe with Trump without resorting to personal insults and profanity as Trump does. He has a backbone.

I am sure that there are many people, me and women, who could be great presidents should they be elected. But there are not many who could stand up to the trash-talking Trump. We desperately need someone who can.

My email address is [email protected] Please contact me if you think that this makes sense. Trump is already actively campaigning for re-election. To win, solid candidates will have to emerge soon.

Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wis.