Letter to the Editor: And So It Goes

True to form, like the last eight years of doing nothing, Congress is at it again; going home with a clear conscience, taking their seven-week vacation, without passing a Zika virus funding bill. The reason was the Republicans had tacked on a decrease in funding for women’s health. It sure appears, for whatever reason, Republicans will go to extremes to defund anything relating to women or their health. So what if it might cost upward of a million dollars to take care of a child born with defects from Zika, they probably wouldn’t fund that either. Remember during the whole time they are off, it is mosquito season around the country. Should even one child suffer because of their incompetence to cooperate with each other?

And so it goes, when are we as voters going to wake up? How about when entering into the voting booth this fall, we say to ourselves, “If you’re in, you’re out.” No wonder there is such turmoil in our country when our supposed leaders at the top won’t even try to be civil, to cooperate or listen to each other. It appears they have no compassion for their fellow man or their country, just their own agendas and that of the lobbyists. They should all be ashamed of themselves.


Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor, Wis.


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