Letter to the Editor: Better Than Most

Exactly what is better than ‘most’? 

Best! Best is better than most! 

Not as in ‘be best’ (a competitive attitude), or being told something is best when it obviously isn’t, but as in ‘be your best,’ not only for yourself, but be your best for others!

Why don’t we, for example, provide best Customer Service? Not from a point of view of what makes your life easier, but what the customer would actually like.

That would go a long way in bringing smiles, easing tensions and thoughts of revenge. No need to read books about angry people.  Business people have been pleasing customers for decades by just sincerely treating others the way we would want to be treated. Common sense. No need to research, to appear to do good, to be concerned with our image, or to make excuses with flagrant lies. No BS, no pretending to be something we’re not, such as honest. (The Devil is indeed in those messy details!)

Being best for others … It’s that simple. The recipe for a happy community! And certainly more in line with, “What would Jesus do?”  (Was the idea of “most” even in His vocabulary? We know “least” was…)

I just listened to The Little Drummer Boy: “I did my Best for Him, pa rum pum pum pum.” I learned it at a young age in the 1960s in a Chicago Public School. It stuck with me! 

Good luck! Just do your best job! Actually inspire! Now there’s a New Year’s Resolution! It’s not about the most important, the most money, the most anything.

Just try doing your best for others! And see our world change! If you are sincerely interested in being and doing your best, literally best wishes to you in this New Year!

Diane Evenson

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin