Letter to the Editor: Dogs in Hot Cars

My sister and I were leaving Walmart on Saturday. It was the worst humid day of the year so far. Two cars away from us we heard some yipping and small barking. Three small dogs were inside a black VW sedan, WI plates. Two of the dogs were leashed inside the car. The sunroof was open and the black interior was toasty. Side windows were open but all the dogs were panting heavily. I ran inside the store to report it. Told they could not do anything. Asked if I wanted the non-emergency number. I asked the employee if he could just announce it over the loudspeaker. He said he had to ask manager what he could do. I left and do not know what he did.

As we slowly left the parking space, a woman came hurriedly out of the store and got into the car and left.

Please, pet owners:  do not leave your pets in the car when you shop. If you want to understand how quickly the temperature rises even on mild days, do some checking online. Pets and even children will roast from the inside out. It’s not pretty.  

Walmart and other businesses should post signs on entrances to remind customers of this. Thank you for keeping your loved ones safe.


Diana Burda

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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