Letter to the Editor: Investing in Internet Means Investing in Our Future

Much of the discussion about expanding broadband services in Door County focuses on the economic impact of the current poor internet access for many businesses – for example, the inability to swipe a credit card at a restaurant during high season. There is, however, the potential for economic growth for exactly the types of businesses that complement Door County’s existing economic bases, such as tourism and farming. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a few internet-based businesses in our community employing 10 or so software experts who make good money, occupy a small office space and consume minimal natural resources? Wouldn’t it be great to attract and keep younger residents for year-round work who are not dependent on an influx of tourists to make a (barely) living wage? 

This type of growth cannot happen with the substandard internet access experienced by large portions of the county. “Investment in the future” is kind of a worn-out phrase, but if there ever was one for Door County, then decent internet access is surely this kind of investment. 

Mark Polczynski

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin