Letter to the Editor: Loving Care during a Difficult Time

During this rather strange time of COVID-19 and a politically charged election/postelection situation, I’d like to tell a different kind of story: a story of love and compassion and goodwill.

A month ago, after a careless accident, I found myself on the bathroom floor with a broken hip. From my husband’s 911 call to the arrival of the first responders and ambulance crew, I was treated with gentleness, love and respect. 

When we arrived at DCMC in Sturgeon Bay, we found there was no orthopedic doctor on call over the weekend, and I might have to be transported to Green Bay. However, within an hour or so, a doctor had agreed to come in and take care of me. First answer to prayer!

After a COVID test, X-rays and surgery, I resided there for the next five days, surrounded by a team of compassionate nurses, doctors, technicians, PTs, OTs, aides and cleaning crew, who all managed to have me up and sitting and walking with a walker. What a genuine feeling of love, caring and efficiency as they pushed me to do things for myself as much as possible. I can’t say enough for the entire experience there, plus the food was really good!

When it was time to leave, I didn’t feel ready to go home, so I was transferred to Scand in Sister Bay, a place I’d always thought I might go when I was older. Well, suddenly there I was, and I stayed for two wonderful weeks of loving care, incredible therapy and three meals a day. 

Once again, everyone was pleasant, friendly, loving, helpful and kind, from the administrators, nurses and cleaning staff to the CNAs and aides – all while having to submit to the most rigorous COVID rules and regulations. Even when something didn’t go exactly right – and there are always some glitches! – there was never an unpleasant word. I found it remarkable. I loved it! And, I found it prepared me for going home.

Betty Chomeau

Ephraim, Wisconsin