Letter to the Editor: Media Bias!

Anonymous sources, second guessing, phony conclusions and exaggerations all are part of the liberal playbook. With the media estimates at more than 90 percent anti-President Trump, again he relishes the challenge. He knows that the Democrats will be throwing stuff at the wall, hoping to find something that might stick. That is their game and always has been! 

The whole truth on most issues is subject to their interpretation, as was the case in the pursuit of impeachment. Schiff showed us in the false narrative he presented how far they would go – a prime example of how their feeble efforts left them chasing their tails. 

When will we hear about all of Joe Biden’s accomplishments? He is defined as a career politician for more than 47 years. He has fed, housed and supported his family with our tax dollars and become a multimillionaire. His family members are millionaires top to bottom, just using the “Biden connection.” What has he achieved for his fellow Americans while in Congress, the Senate and as vice president?

I’ll give you a starting point with some of his stated successes in college: He “graduated in the top half of his class, had a full scholarship and received three degrees.” 

Tony Gurdak

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin