Letter to the Editor: Noise Pollution in Egg Harbor

I love Door County for its many charms. I retired here after living in downtown Chicago for over 40 years. If I’d wanted the constant noise a city brings, I wouldn’t have moved to Egg Harbor. 

This summer the village and a new business have disrupted our peace and quiet. Sure, we have the occasional concert, but they are limited and add charm. Now we are being assaulted with loud music coming from this new business. If it wants loud music, play it inside where the rest of the village doesn’t have to hear. 

I am a mile out of the village center, and it might as well be in my backyard. I shouldn’t have to close my windows and stay inside on a lovely day or evening. It’s time to revoke their permit to have outdoor music and to care about the tranquility of our community.

Nancy Thannert

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin