Letter to the Editor: Our Kids Deserve Gibraltar School Improvements

On Feb. 20, my wife and I attended the referendum open house at Gibraltar School, hosted by Superintendent Brett Stousland and representatives from CG Schmidt and Cadence Consulting.

The architect started the presentation by addressing planned security enhancements included in the development. This was reassuring and clearly demonstrates a priority on safety. Preparing in advance for tragedy is the best way to avoid having to face tragedy.

Following the presentation and Q&A session, a tour was given. We don’t have children and have never been through Gibraltar School. Every bit of space is utilized for either classrooms or teacher offices. The bowels of the school could only be described as reminiscent of Abu Ghraib, and not a suitable learning environment. I have a newfound respect for the students and staff who learn and teach in these conditions. The antiquated boiler room is truly the stuff of nightmares and the exact opposite of efficiency.

With the previous voter-approved temporary tax increase for Gibraltar School set to expire in 2024, the timing of the proposed referendum will minimally impact taxpayers. The estimated annual impact on a $300,000 fair-market property value would be $57 a year, or the cost of a happy hour. 

Education is considered an investment in the future; however, Door County is unique. Our local businesses depend on our schoolchildren to work during the spring and fall when the college kids are away. Investing in our local school is an investment in our community’s future and present. Our kids deserve it.

Paul Kwiatkowski
Fish Creek, Wisconsin