Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Young Eagles Rally Volunteers

Thank you everyone for the tremendous job at this year’s Young Eagles event. We flew 71 youngsters who qualified as Young Eagles (see final tally below). We also flew several adults and many children below the age of seven. The comments we received from those in attendance were all in support of the EAA program and the terrific job of the volunteers involved in making the event a safe and successful program. This type of airport activity demonstrates incredible community involvement from the Friends of Ephraim-Gibraltar Airport.

The food was provided compliments of Alexander’s Restaurant. Please patronize Alexander’s for the outstanding contribution Bruce made to the EAA/Young Eagles event. The food was outstanding.

Coffee was provided by the Summertime Restaurant/Terry Bolland. Please let Terry know how much we appreciate his contribution the next time you patronize the Summertime.

Again, thank you for your outstanding support.

Here’s the final tally [of rides given by each pilot]: Ralph Keller 13, Jim Pope 12, Jim Rodrian 11, Jon Neville 10, Don Wachwitz 9, Gary Glojek 8, Katy Lecy 4 and Ken Boyd 4. That’s 71 rides in total.


Jon Neville

Gibraltar, Wis.

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