Letter to the Editor: Wait a Minute!

Tax-exempt retirement accounts that are currently taxable. (Again, sounds good, Joel!)

BUT! Yes, “but”! Roth retirement accounts are non-taxable at retirement because that money was already taxed “at the beginning.” But the money Joel et al want to exempt was never taxed. Actually it was deducted from income through the years to reduce taxable income, with the understanding that it would be taxed at retirement withdrawal (unless a qualified charitable distribution/contribution).  

This is just another “benefit” for those with higher income: No tax!  

Unfortunately life costs money as do government services, which last time I checked, most taxpayers want. Republican leadership has been very vocal about “delayed” government services. Again, “but,” services need people to provide the services and funding (taxes!) to pay them, something Republicans are always so proud to deny – by cutting taxes.

So who is “footing the bill” (paying taxes) for usual and customary (in a non-third world country) necessary services, if not the “well-off”? 

I hope I’m not the only one who remembers this hypocrisy on Election Day. It would be wise to not vote against your (economic) “interests.”

Let’s be clear. The “unspoken,” ongoing GOP plan is: Keep ’em dumb, sick and afraid.

Prove me wrong…

Diane Evenson   

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin