Lily Bay Artisans Hold Open House

Pottery by Linda Sheard.

Come stroll or drive the half-mile of North Lake Michigan Drive (from street numbers 3420 – 3516) and walk into local artisans’ spaces as the Lily Bay Lakeshore Artisans host the second annual open house. The open house takes place June 5 – 7, 10 am to 5 pm.

Lily Bay Lakeshore Artisans is a group of five local artisan businesses, conveniently located along the shores of its namesake, Lily Bay, on North Lake Michigan Drive.

Jim Hoyer is Lily Bay Originals. He repurposes and recycles what would otherwise end up in the “mulch pile” to create useful and artistic products. Using cedar twigs and old furniture pieces he creates twig tables, mirror and picture frames, and pedestals.

Nancy Prange creates exquisite photos of Door County landscapes and lighthouses, available in a variety of sizes. Her creative endeavor began when she created photo notecards to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity.

Lily Bay Soap Company is the creation of the mother-daughter duo of Ann Emmerich and her daughter, Nancy. Together they craft soap and other personal care products from quality, eco-friendly natural products. All of the bars are handmade by Ann at her house.

Steve Ofenbeck, a master craftsman by profession, has settled into his own shop in Door County after 37 years of building luxury homes in the Fox Valley. He enjoys designing new spaces as well as fine furniture and cabinetry to complement these spaces. Ofenbeck will also share the secrets of the design and build of his house, including the Queen-sized Murphy bed that discreetly folds into the wall to display a wood panel.

Linda Sheard is the professional potter in residence at Lily Bay Pottery, a working studio and gallery. She specializes in stoneware and porcelain clay and draws inspiration from the sky, sands, woods and water.

This year, the Lily Bay Lakeshore Artisans will donate a portion of the open house profits to Habitat for Humanity, HELP of Door County, and Neighbor to Neighbor.

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