Local Children’s Book Author Shares Message of Encouragement

Ordinary, unexceptional, plain – everyone has felt small and insignificant in this big, grand world at some point and time. After all, like the stars above, we are as tiny specks in the shimmery landscape of the universe. However, Louise Andreae eloquently reminds readers that each of us makes a difference in her children’s book, Special Gifts for Ordinary Me.

This treasure combines poetry, children’s artwork, and beautiful illustrations that depict local settings.

“When shared, gifts not only make a difference to the people receiving them but also to the giver. I enjoyed creating this book because it is a tribute to family and friends who helped shape my life with their special gifts.”

With the help of illustrator Dan Drews, Chris Aufdermauer, the kids at Sevastopol School, and the support of family and friends, Special Gifts for Ordinary Me brings to life the inspiring story of a star’s journey to help a young boy discover his special gifts.

Special Gifts for Ordinary Me is written for all the ordinary people who are truly extraordinary.

Check out Special Gifts for Ordinary Me at Sherry’s Hallmark and Book World in Sturgeon Bay or online at,, or


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