Manners Matter: Beach Etiquette

Dear Mary Pat,

I was at the beach and the woman next to me shook out her towel and the wind blew the sand all over me and my towel. I was not happy and she was oblivious to what was going on around her. Could you please go over some basic rules of the beach in case this lady happens to be reading?


Sandy Beachgoer

Sister Bay, Wis.


Dear Sandy Beachgoer,

I would be happy to help. Here is a list of things to keep in mind while hanging out on the beach:

1. (This should be obvious, but I guess not.) Do not shake your towel out near anyone or downwind of anyone.

2. Beach tunes are great, but your taste won’t necessarily be pleasing to your neighbor. Bring your earphones.

3. Be sure to look around when you are leaving for the day. Don’t leave behind any of your belongings, and do not leave any trash behind.

4. If you are playing catch or Frisbee, make sure not to get too close to anyone else. You don’t want to be diving to catch a Frisbee and landing on a family of four.

5. Heed warnings about the weather and beach conditions.

6. Keep your dog on a leash and only bring him/her to beaches where they are allowed. And be sure to pick up after them.

7. Don’t smoke and do not leave cigarette butts on the beach. Who wants to walk around used cigarette butts? Yuck.

8. Don’t feed the birds otherwise you’ll draw a crowd of them and that’s not pleasant either.

Good luck,

Mary Pat

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