Manners Matter: A Big Tip Does Not Excuse Bad Customer Behavior

Dear Mary Pat,

I’m a hairdresser and am blessed to be solidly booked for most of the summer. Every now and again there is a cancellation when I can squeeze someone in, but that’s rare, and I don’t have the time to take walk-ins. The other day when I was cutting a client’s hair, a man came in and said he’d like an appointment. I explained that I didn’t have any time that day and that no one else in the salon had any availability either. He was instantly irritated and told me that I was making a big mistake and that I’d just lost out on the best tip of my life. All of us in the salon were sitting there with our mouths open, and I was too stunned to even reply before he stormed off. What is with people?


Harassed Hair Stylist 

Town Withheld

Dear Harassed Hair Stylist,

It’s hard to say whether this man is a product of our instant-gratification society (possible), hasn’t hear the word “no” enough in his life (likely), or is just a jerk (extremely likely). He was essentially threatening you with the biggest mistake of your lifetime. I hope you haven’t lost any sleep over that. I don’t think it was a mistake to pass on this guy at all. Being a big tipper doesn’t excuse the prior bad behavior. He’s the exception instead of the rule, so don’t spend any more time thinking about this. 

Good luck,

Mary Pat