Novel Bay New Releases and Holiday Shopping

Publishers say that book printing and distribution are not immune to the supply-chain challenges that the global economy is experiencing. The complex factors that are causing delays in the flow of products to market are showing up, in part, in smaller print runs for many books, including those for new titles and bestsellers.

As the holiday season approaches, plan ahead. If you see a book you like, buy it soon rather than waiting until December. And support your favorite indie bookstore! If it runs out of what you had in mind, ask a bookseller for help or a recommendation for a great replacement because, after all, that’s what indie bookstores do best.

The following are new releases at ​​Novel Bay Booksellers, 44 N. 3rd Ave. in Sturgeon Bay.


Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide by Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras

This is the new tome from the publishers of Atlas Obscura that’s focused on food and food-related products and events around the world. Its 411 pages span the globe, featuring the quirky and the exotic, and offering tips about delicious foods from seven continents and 120 countries. Most locations have a few paragraphs, but Washington Island has an entire page!


Blue: In Search of Naure’s Rarest Color by Kai Kupferschmidt

Besides being a gorgeous produced edition, Blue is an action-packed, globe-trotting quest to find blue in the natural world and to understand our collective obsession with this captivating color.

Water: A Biography by Giulio Boccaletti

This is a tour de force about how the flow of water is interconnected with human history, economics and geopolitics. It raises challenging questions about the dynamics of our changing world and offers solutions to secure the future of the water supply – and humanity.

Cuba: An American History by Ada Ferrer

More than five centuries of history come to life in this sweeping exploration of Cuba. It’s a balanced, remarkable and revelatory history of a complex land, including its fraught relationship with a powerful neighbor.


Silverview by John Le Carré

This is the last novel Le Carré completed before his death in 2020, and it’s a dazzling story. One reviewer wrote, “Le Carré’s novels are so brilliant because they’re emotionally and psychologically absolutely true,” and that sums it up. This is the mesmerizing story of an encounter between innocence and experience, and between public duty and private morals. In his inimitable voice, Le Carré seeks to answer the question of what we truly owe to the people we love. 

The Book of Magic by Alice Hoffman

Pick a day or a night to read, and you will churn through this book. Bewitching prose and vivid characters create a wondrous tale about the very human magic of family and the actions that echo through generations.

When Two Feathers Fell From the Sky by Margaret Verble

This piece of historical fiction is a rich, stunning story that you will recommend to all your friends.

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