By the Numbers: Happiest Places to Live

Good economic, emotional, physical and social health are key to a balanced and fulfilling life. WalletHub analysts took a look at 28 key metrics to determine the happiest places to live.


Minnesota’s overall ranking as the happiest place in the United States. It earned a score of 70.81 out of 100.


Wisconsin’s ranking for highest volunteer rate, right behind Minnesota, South Dakota and Utah. Florida has the lowest volunteer rate of all 50 states.


Wisconsin’s Happiness ranking. It scored 64.16. It was also the same ranking for the separation and divorce rate. Utah has the lowest divorce rate and Nevada has the highest.


The United States’ ranking for happiness among other nations.


Wisconsin’s ranking for fewest work hours. Utah residents work the fewest hours and Alaskans the most.


Wisconsin’s ranking in the long-term unemployment rate. North Dakota has the lowest long-term unemployment and New Mexico has the highest.


Wisconsin’s ranking for safety. Vermont was ranked the safest state and Mississippi the least safe state.


Wisconsin’s ranking in the suicide rate. New York ranked highest and Wyoming lowest.


Oregon’s ranking for the highest share of adult depression. Wisconsin ranked 13th for adult depression. Hawaii has the lowest share of adult depression, but residents of that state rank last for adequate sleep rate. Wisconsin ranked 18th in that category.


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