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  • Wild Things: Plenty of Chances for Venison Remain as Gun Deer Seasons Continue

    If you’ve yet to pull the trigger on a chance for some venison steak, stew meat or hamburger, you’re in good company. Social-media feeds stacked with photos of successful hunts are fun to look at, but they don’t necessarily paint an accurate picture on what’s happening across the county, region or state.  In fact, only […]

  • Tracking the 2021 Deer Harvest

    Through Nov. 15, Door County hunters had registered 586 bucks and 407 antlerless deer, for a total of 993. That included 652 with crossbow, 279 with bow and 62 during the youth gun hunt.  Kewaunee County hunters had reported 433 bucks and 298 antlerless, for a total of 731. That included 440 with crossbow, 229 […]

  • WILD THINGS: Fear the Deer? COVID-19 Hype Mars Gun Hunt Opener

    Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get more bizarre this hunting season, the state’s Department of Health Services (DHS) issued a press release Monday that went viral.  Even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there’s no evidence that wildlife are a source of COVID-19 illness for people – or that people […]

  • WILD THINGS: No Shortage of Whitetails, but Ammo? That’s Another Story

    Department of Natural Resources (DNR) staff members talked all things white-tailed deer and answered questions from reporters across the state last week during a virtual media briefing on the upcoming gun deer hunting season. Eric Lobner, director of the DNR’s Wildlife Management Program, said that somewhere around 875,000 licenses allowing bow, crossbow and gun deer […]

  • WILD THINGS: Deer Running Day and Night As Rutting Bucks Seek Mates

    There’s no better time to spot mature bucks than during the November whitetail breeding season. That’s exciting if you’re an archer or crossbow hunter with an open tag, but it’s far less so if you’re just trying to get somewhere safely on a rural roadway. Vehicle-deer collisions always peak during the first few weeks of […]

  • ’Tis the Season — for Safety

    Gun hunting season begins Nov. 20 Though I haven’t gone hunting in more than 15 years, I still have fond memories of waking up before dawn, gearing up with my dad and uncle, and heading out into the woods. I can vividly remember climbing into my tree stand and sitting quietly for hours as the […]

  • WILD THINGS: Deer Activity Picking Up As Mating Season Nears

    Pictures of mature whitetail bucks are appearing with increasing regularity on social media these days as the annual rut, or mating season, heats up. Though the peak tends to occur during the first two to three weeks of November, pre-rut activity can be very strong from mid-October on. Now’s the time to try a light […]

  • Wild Things: Time to Get Sighted In for Youth Gun Deer Hunt

    If you’ll be mentoring someone during this year’s youth gun deer hunt, now’s the time to dial in for a better shot at success.  Cooler air and the first hints of fall color are getting kids and adults excited for the Oct. 9-10 hunt, which offers those age 15 and younger an opportunity to get […]

  • DNR, NRB Playing Politics with State Fish, Wildlife

    Like it or not, politics is taking center stage on almost every controversial decision being made these days by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Wolves – and Natural Resources Board (NRB) chair Fred Prehn’s refusal to step down until his successor is confirmed by the Senate – are at the heart of the current […]

  • Wild Things: Hunters Set Sights on Abundant Farm-country Whitetails Sept. 18

    Whether you’ve been trying to pattern a trophy buck all summer or simply want a shot at some tender, young venison, your time is drawing near. Wisconsin’s annual archery and crossbow deer season will open a half hour before sunrise on Sept. 18.  In the meantime, check your tree stands, anchor your ground blinds and […]

  • WILD THINGS: Season’s First Hunts Opens Wednesday

    Locally Raised Canada Geese Abundant It’s still summer on the calendar, but many area hunters are gearing up for the first “fall” hunting openers Sept. 1. The early goose season will start with a bang Wednesday, when wildlife officials and plenty of urban property owners hope hunters can help trim a booming population of locally […]

  • WILD THINGS: Bonus Deer, Turkey Tags Available on ‘Go Wild’ Site

    Whether you hunt whitetails and wild turkeys locally, or head to another county to try your luck, now’s the time to pick up the tags you’ll need. It’s true that all hunters get one either-sex fall turkey tag with their license purchase, but leftovers are also available. You can check by zone at Meanwhile, […]

  • The Year of the Giant

    38.58-pounder caught one day prior to salmon tournament opener Just when you think things can’t get any wilder out on Lake Michigan, the Big Pond gives up three world-class trophies in just six days.  Last week we reported on De Pere angler Susann Jacques and her amazing, 35-pound, 10-ounce Chinook, caught July 19 between Algoma […]

  • WILD THINGS: Season’s Heaviest ‘Up North’ Salmon Caught Monday

    For the second straight week, a trophy Chinook salmon with a Luxemburg connection was boated on Lake Michigan. And for the second week in a row, it was hooked between Sturgeon Bay and Algoma. It appears there’s something in the water this year: big fish. Six days after a 32-pound-plus giant was landed on a […]

  • WILD THINGS: A Hot Summer Is a Cool Time to Scout for the Fall Seasons

    If you’re the procrastinating type, you can be late and early at the same time this summer by getting out in the woods. Let me explain. A lot of experts will tell you that any changes you make to your hunting areas should be done as soon as possible after the season ends – as in, […]

  • WILD THINGS: Who’ll Be the Top Banana?

    Kewaunee/Door County Salmon Tournament fever is rising Thousands of anglers from across the country are expected to participate in the 39th annual Kewaunee/Door (K/D) County Salmon Tournament, which will begin its nine-day run July 23. Luxemburg charter captain Pat Veeser watched customers reel in the second-heaviest Chinook he’s had on his boat in more than […]

  • WILD THINGS: Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing off to a Drag-screaming Start

    Six weeks into an explosive start to salmon and steelhead action on Lake Michigan, charter and private-boat anglers alike are hoping the winds of change won’t come anytime soon. Although Wisconsin’s Big Pond trolling fishery has been amazing in 2021, it’s not the same story across the lake. An online check of Great Lakes fishing […]

  • AROUND THE DOOR: Kids Fishing Derby

    Father’s Day, June 20, was also the day of the 36th annual Kids Fishing Derby at Little Lake in Sturgeon Bay. (From left) Chad and Landon Rosemergy of Sturgeon Bay participated, with Landon proudly showing off one of his catches. Photo by Mike Brisson.

  • WILD THINGS: Wisconsin’s Wolf Controversy Is Not Going to Go Away Quietly

    Tuesday’s second virtual gathering of Wisconsin’s Wolf Harvest Advisory Committee was much like what we see in today’s politics: highly polarized, and not a whole lot of meeting in the middle. Just a day ahead of the five-hour meeting, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that the state’s pre-hunt 2020-21 winter wolf population […]

  • WILD THINGS: Lake Trout Plan a Good Start, but ‘Too Many’ Are Already Out There

    Sport anglers who lost the opportunity to harvest more lake trout this spring can’t get that back, but it should be a “go” from here on out. During its meeting next week, the state Natural Resources Board (NRB) is expected to approve a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recommendation to adopt an emergency order returning […]