Pack and Ship Employees Catch Mailing Scam

On Dec. 3, the Pack and Ship of Sturgeon Bay contacted the police department about a woman who had attempted to ship a package with $8,000 in cash inside. Pack and Ship employees stopped this from being shipped and contacted both the woman and the Sturgeon Bay Police Department. The woman said she was contacted by a company calling themselves the “Geek Squad.” She had used the Geek Squad in the past. This so called “Geek Squad” had a “representative” call the woman and tell her there was a virus on her computer. This individual stated she would have to download a program so they can remotely access her computer. This individual also stated she would be reimbursed $800. He then told the woman that he accidentally wired $8,000 into her account and pressured her to send back the $8,000. The woman said the individual was aggressive and convincing. Thankfully, Pack and Ship employees were aware that this was potentially a scam. If you are contacted by phone and there is pressure that you owe money or need to send money, do not do it. Instead, contact your local law enforcement to investigate.

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