Parallel 44 Releases New Wine

Over the past decade Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery has made its mark in the Wisconsin wine industry by producing award-winning wines with grapes that are grown in Wisconsin. Recently Parallel 44, in honor of its’ 10th anniversary, released a new wine made with a brand new grape varietal. This brand new varietal called, Frontenac Blanc, was discovered 12 years ago in Quebec and Minnesota. According to co-owner and winemaker Steve Johnson, Parallel 44 is among the first wineries in the country to release a wine made with the Frontenac Blanc grape.

Johnson believes this Frontenac Blanc wine is different from every other white wine. Unlike many other white wines, this wine is the perfect balance of sweet and crisp and offers beautiful aromatics. While normally only available to Parallel 44’s Vintner’s Choice Club Members, this wine will be presented to the public for sampling and purchase only on May 6, 12 – 4 pm, during Parallel 44’s Vintner’s Choice VIP Day.

Vintner’s Choice VIP Day is one of several events that Parallel 44 has planned throughout the year to celebrate Parallel 44’s 10th Anniversary. During this event customers will have the chance to experience all of the benefits of Parallel 44’s exclusive Vintner’s Choice Club. Admission is free. No reservation is required. For more information visit


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