SBVC Introduces Nautical Planters

The Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center (SBVC) is introducing nautical planters as part of the annual citywide beautification process. The new planters are 100 percent locally designed and manufactured. The ship bollard design was co-created by Phil Utech and Tom Weyker of Calibra Boat Repair, and uses fiberglass and other boat materials. The bases were poured by Premier Concrete Inc. Master Gardener Dale Jeanquart helped make the planters more water retentive.

There is roughly $12,300 left to raise to cover the costs of these planters. To sponsor a planter (as an individual or as a group) is $730. There are two ways to “adopt a planter,” which concerns the cost of the flowers and their maintenance. For $135, the staff at the SBVC will buy the flowers from a local garden center, and plant and maintain them. Or, for the hands-on gardener, you can buy the flowers yourself, plant them and help maintain them throughout the season.