Server of the Week: Julie Ricks at U-Pick Cherry Stand

Barnard Farms off Carlsville Road in Carlsville

The most cherries customers have ever picked? “Fourteen buckets. That was just last week. They got here at 10 am, and they picked until 12:30 pm. Three of them.”

Best concert you’ve ever been to? “Echo and the Bunnymen – 2015 at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Southern California. We got backstage and met the whole band.”

Three words that best describe you? “Tall, talented, writer.” 

What’s the nicest thing people have said to you here? “They [the owners] told me, ‘People come up and say, “The lady in the pick-your-own orchard is super nice.”’ I’m just chatty. I spent four months alone in the pandemic, so I’m chatty.” 

Best experience here? “Just spending time here every day looking at the trees and the cherries and listening to the wind in the leaves – I’ll remember this the rest of my life.”