Server of the Week: Michael Rose

Looking for someone to chat with about the game Sunday night?
Then go to One Barrel, where Michael talks sports with delight!

A green-and-gold man, he loves his team,
Imagine him serving “The Mayor” – what a dream!

His coworkers have become some of his closest friends, and
The positive atmosphere makes it a place he recommends.

Outside of work, you’ll catch Michael at Whitefish Dunes;
All about good times, he also enjoys live tunes.

His dog, Scotty, joins him on hikes, and
While at Husby’s, cheering for Unity and Sneezy on the mic.

Stop by One Barrel for a dose of good fun –
It’s where Michael has found he’s hit a home run!

Server of the Week is sponsored by Destination Door County. Winners receive a $50 Door County Gift Certificate.

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