Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Library Receives TEACH Grant Funds

The Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Library is among 141 Wisconsin libraries and school districts that will receive nearly $3 million in 2021 TEchnology for Educational ACHievement (TEACH) information technology infrastructure grants.

“It is critically important that Wisconsinites across the state have access to high-quality educational resources,” said Department of Administration Secretary Joel Brennan. “Many rural libraries and schools often do not have the funds available to invest in their technology infrastructures to ensure that accessibility and the opportunities that come with it.”

Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Library will receive $210 in TEACH funds.

“The Sister Bay/Liberty Grove branch has a beautiful outdoor garden space where many activities take place during good weather,” said branch manager Christina Johnson. “The new access point provided with the TEACH grant will make it possible to have good-quality internet, which is so important to daily life. We’ve seen a big demand increase over the past few years, and this will expand the WiFi coverage into the garden, bringing more connectivity to our community, which is greatly needed.”

TEACH grants are awarded annually on a competitive basis to eligible school districts and libraries for the purpose of improving the capacity of rural communities to use technology for students and library patrons.​ This year, demand for TEACH grants exceeded the amount of funds available, with $3.9 million in grant requests from 160 eligible school districts and 15 eligible libraries across Wisconsin.

Other libraries and school districts in the region that received funding are the Lena Public Library, $59; Kewaunee School District, $60,000; and Southern Door County School District, $28,506.

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