Sturgeon Bay Maritime Museum, Yacht Club Offer Reduced Rates

Maritime enthusiasts can now celebrate our maritime heritage with two great Door County maritime institutions. The Door County Maritime Museum (DCMM) and the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) have partnered to offer reduced rates to new members with dual memberships in 2017.

 Current SBYC members can join DCMM for a special rate and enjoy all the perks of membership. DCMM’s special rates include an Individual Lifetime Membership (valued at $825) and will be available to SBYC members for $600. The Family Lifetime Membership (valued at $1,100) will be available for $875.

DCMM members have the opportunity to join SBYC at a special one-time rate of $200 for the first year in 2017. DCMM members will receive $50 off the annual SBYC dues in each year to come. Standard minimum spending required thereafter. SBYC members can enjoy year-round access to SBYC’s attractive clubhouse and its many amenities. A $250 minimum spending and $150 maintenance fee are required.

“There is nothing more fulfilling in life than being involved in your community. Our maritime community is no exception. We need volunteers and supporters alike. To broaden our network of support, DCMM and SBYC put our heads together to try and offer this great maritime community of ours more benefits and a chance to be involved with other mariners,” said DCMM Executive Director Amy Paul.

Anyone interested in joining should contact: DCMM (, 920.743.5958, [email protected]) or SBYC (, 920.743.6934).

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