Sturgeon Bay to Assess If More Streetlights Are Needed

A city committee decided earlier this year to assess whether more streetlights are needed in some Sturgeon Bay neighborhoods to illuminate dark spots that could pose a safety hazard. Committee members have now decided to wait on that assessment until summer, when trees are in full leaf.

District 3 alderman and Community Protection and Services Committee chair Dan Williams said that assessing how well parts of the city are lit in July, when trees are full of leaves, would give the committee a better understanding of spots where additional streetlights could be needed. He has asked law enforcement, as well as the fire department and street department, to see whether there are “any hazard areas that would benefit from a streetlight,” and he said the committee will put the issue back on its agenda this summer after receiving input from city staff. 

The issue came before the committee this year in response to concerns about pedestrians almost being hit by cars in some dark spots of the city, which reduced the number of streetlights several years ago as a cost-saving measure.