Sweet, Tart, Spit: The Art of Cherry Spitting

Jackson Parr attempts the a long-time Door County tradition, cherry pit spitting.

The Orchard County Winery explodes with fruity aroma the minute the door opens. They also do not hold back when it comes to the county’s favorite fruit, cherries. From salsa to wine to souvenir aprons, the building is stacked with cherry themed delights. Yet, I was there with purpose. I approached the cashier and asked where I can get the cherries for the pit spit behind the building. Back left cooler, second shelf from the bottom. I picked up about ten cherries and headed out back.

Standing on the line with other pits all around, they make no subtleties about how far the state record is. Staring straight back is a big wooden sign labeled 48’1”. Being my first experience cherry pit spitting, I did not know what to expect. But from the pictures in the winery of “Cherry Spit Hall of Fame,” I knew there were serious candidates in this event.

I bought enough cherries to give myself the cushion of trying different techniques. First, I simply stood and spit as far as I could which resulted in about 22 feet. Then I stretched backward and threw my head forward in an attempt to harness some momentum – 15 feet. I stood with my feet shoulder width apart, left foot back, right foot back, trying every combination of footing to find the advantage. Eventually I executed a dramatic running start (which I’m sure is illegal in the official rules of cherry pit spitting) – 26 feet.

The day ended with an unsuccessful attempt at the cherry pit spit record, my personal best being about 33 feet.

Keep an eye out for the cherry pit spitting runway, and try your luck at a Wisconsin state record.

Orchard Country Winery, open daily from 9 am – 6 pm, is located at 9197 Highway 42, south of Fish Creek. For more information call 920.868.3479 or visit