In honor of those that came before us, the Thanksgiving holiday asks that we stop and remember where we have been and those that helped us get here.

I moved to northern Ellison Bay in September of 1995, arriving just in time for fall. My first winter was spent shivering before a wood stove with friends and creating the idea of the Peninsula Pulse. Our mission evolved into the celebration of the Door County community. Not to change it but, instead, we wanted to observe, participate and tell the stories of our neighbors, family and friends.

Fourteen years and about 300 issues later, the Pulse and I prepare for Thanksgiving 2009.

The question “What are you thankful for this year?” is easy to answer. It is probably the same thing that the Pilgrims were thankful for 388 years ago – family, friends and community; however, narrowing down the particulars is the difficult part.

For family:

I am thankful that I witnessed my grandmother hold my one-year-old niece (her great-grand daughter) in her arms at her 100th birthday party; I am thankful that I heard my father and his siblings sing together at my uncle’s 80th birthday; and I am thankful for my mother and father’s wisdom and faith.

For friends:

I am grateful to all of you for your honesty, trust and respect. I can only hope that I will be at your side like you have been at mine.

For community:

Thank you all for your stories and your trust – without you, the Pulse would just be an idea floating in the heads of a couple of idealists in the middle of the woods in Ellison Bay.

Thank you Door County, friends and family. Although we all follow different paths, we all respect one another in each of our own pursuits. It is a privilege to walk and work among and with all of you.