‘The Arch Pirate’: Hastings’ New Romance Novel

Door County author Katherine Hastings released her latest romance novel, The Arch Pirate, on March 27. Basing it on the real-life pirate Captain Henry Avery, she crafted a tale around the events that led to Avery pulling off the most profitable treasure heist in history.

“There is so much mystery and intrigue in his actual life, which is quite a story all on its own,” Hastings said. “It was this open-ended tale that inspired me to fill in the blanks with my own version of his story.”

The Arch Pirate is the fifth and last historical-romance novel from Hastings for the near future because she’s shifting her attention to contemporary romantic comedies, all set in Door County. Releases will begin May 22.

“The first book is a standalone romance called The Big One,” Hastings said, “and the rest of the books to follow will be part of a connected series called Door Peninsula Passions.” Visit to learn more about her books and new releases.