The Flying Pig Gallery Showing the New Work of Ric Stultz

“Trying on Something New” by Ric Stultz.

The unconventional color combinations and imagery of Ric Stultz’s work often hide a deep sense of humor that strays toward social commentary. His new artwork is currently on display at the Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace in Algoma.

Stultz, who is influenced by “crickets who are fed to other animals, a good pair of headphones, bumblebee hives, Rhodia notebooks and wine labels” is a Milwaukee-based painter and illustrator who works most often with gouache, gesso and ink on paper.

His daily routine? “Get up, make some coffee, check email, do computer work and run errands. Hopefully I’ll have dinner or lunch with my gal. Maybe take my dog for a walk or ride my bike. I get in the studio as soon as possible, I’ll always take tea or coffee with me. I paint and draw my best at night listening to records.”

“Remembering Your Smile” by Ric Stultz.

Stultz attended the University of Wisconsin-Stout for graphic design, spending most of his time in the screen printing lab.

Currently known for his loose handed illustration work, his images have been used commercially for clients including MTV, Heavy Rotation, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Gelaskins, Armada Skis and Graniph Japan.

“Most of my pictures start out as little scribbles and titles in sketchbooks. I’m a big time sketcher…After I have a good idea scribbled, I’ll draw it on a board and paint it. Or I’ll scan it and use Photoshop or something. Whatever the picture calls for.”

Stultz’s paintings have visited galleries throughout the United States and international galleries including locations in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London and Barcelona.

“Flames Fade” by Ric Stultz.

The Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace is located at N6975 Hwy 42, two miles south of Algoma. The gallery is open 9 am – 6 pm daily. For gallery and event information, please call 920.487.9902 or visit