The Wild Tomato Donation Creation: A Tasty Donation

This month’s Donation Creation pizza at Wild Tomato is as unique as the works you will find at The Francis Hardy Gallery, the non-profit organization that will be receiving one dollar from every pizza sold at the Fish Creek restaurant in October.

“Pumpkin on pizza?” I looked at my husband, puzzled.

“It’s got a reserve cheese and pork belly.” He coaxed me away from our original cravings for organic, grass-fed hamburgers.

“Duck sausage and rosemary olive oil sounds great.” My mind had reached a final decision before we were seated.

Hand-tossed and wood-fired, this amazing pizza highlights Wisconsin’s fall harvest by containing only the finest local ingredients. When the pizza arrived at our table, we noticed a fruit on the top that was not listed on the specials board. I picked one off and tasted it. Pear added the extra special touch to an already fabulous looking dinner. The first and every bite that followed were extraordinary. The pears, roasted pumpkin, Parmesan and Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheeses blended together really well with the hunks of duck sausage and cinnamon basted Berkshire pork belly, further accentuated by red onion jam and winter greens. Finished lightly with the rosemary olive oil base and crispy crust.

The guests around us hadn’t realized how good the donation creation would be and seemed to drool around our table. We encouraged them to try it the next time they stopped in. We were more than satisfied with our meal and appreciated the donation that was made to The Francis Hardy Gallery.

Door County is blessed to have so many family owned and operated businesses like the Wild Tomato, which has the right attitude about giving to their community, using sustainable products, and the best ingredients available. It is because of this philosophy that they create a new pizza every month to benefit a local non-profit organization as well as a sustainable farms pizza.

The Francis Hardy Gallery also believes in giving to their community with a mission to address the needs of the local artist community, the creative enrichment of local youth, and is focused on educating the public and promoting the visual arts and artists on the Door County peninsula.

Take the opportunity to experience the vibrancy of the Door County community by ordering a Donation Creation pizza from Wild Tomato and helping to support the initiatives of The Francis Hardy Gallery. Every pizza helps!

To see the Wild Tomato’s menu visit their website,

To learn more about The Francis Hardy Gallery or to make a donation visit